Who Me?

Well if you must know I’m just a normal Yankee gal living in the South.  It’s fabulous! I haven’t owned a pair of snow boots in over 11 years but I do own flip-flops in every color!

I moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in 2004 and it really was the best decision I’ve ever made. Six hours from my hometown and my family, I found love, faith and myself.

I married a “Southern Gentleman”…. well sorta. It is possible he’s a little more redneck than he is southern proper but he is the sweetest man ever. He has stood by my side as I weathered the ups and downs of missing my family, switching jobs from working in Hospice to children’s Mental Health and then my battle with infertility. Scary word I know!

After years of infertility treatment and working at Hospice I made a job change. I was a tad stressed!  I went to work for a children’s home.  We cared for children in all stages of their life. Foster care, group homes, and much more.

One day I walked out of my office on the way to the copy room and spotted two very sweet little boys sitting in my lobby. Every few days I’d see them and finally I had to know what their story was. I needed to know why these boys with manners and loving smiles were living in a group home and not with their family.

Six months after I met the boys I was sitting in a doctor’s office having blood drawn because we were going to do anything we needed to do to bring them home. We had become Foster Parents! We brought the boys home in August of 2013. Our lives had changed forever!

A few short months after bringing them home we lost the younger of the two boys to therapeutic care. He needed special care that we weren’t capable of giving him. I was heart-broken. Fast forward 18 months and we are blessed to be finalizing the adoption of E. We’ve had lots of firsts in the past 18 months. Firsts for him and firsts for us as parents. B (aka Redneck Hubby) and I hadn’t parented anything but our 2 cats and our dog. They count right?


She’s so cute. Of course she counts!

With E (our 13 yr old patience tester) every minute is an adventure and every day a blessing.

I left my job in June of 2014 at the end of E’s 6th grade year.  Here we are just months away from him completing his 7th grade year and my first year as a full time Etsy show owner.  It’s a big change from hospice or the children’s home but I love my Etsy shop and I’m so glad to have you on my blog to share.  Please sign up to get notifications when I post and share with your friends.

We are going to have Etsy reviews, interviews with other shop owners, how to’s and so much more.


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