Day 2 thru 5 of #40bagsfor40days

It’s been a busy week. We had yet another snow storm and are looking to another one tomorrow evening that has the potential to just 6 to 8 inches of snow on us.  For North Carolina that’s a show stopper! Businesses will close and things will grind to a halt for sure! It did however make cleaning out at least one area a day an easy task considering my son was home all week last week from school.

Day two of the 40 day challenge I was a little slow. It was the first day off of school and my husband and I took advantage of it and made the short mile trip to his parents to sled for the afternoon with E and our Nephews.  There really is nothing better on a snow day then a little time with the boys and my in laws.  I am such a lucky girl!


I did clean out a small space on day 2 but it was just my craft box. I seem to accumulate a ton of things I use once in a project and no one ever asks for it again. However instead of hauling the stuff off to Good Will or the dumpster I sold them on a craft destashing board.  If you enjoy crafts and trying new things these destashing boards are for you!  It’s great gently used supplies at a great price.  So no bag for day two!


This large leaf bag holds day 3 through 5 and it’s so heavy I had to DRAG it out the door.  I couldn’t lift it and the one time I tried it started to tear out the bottom.  This bag contains the crazy mess I was hiding under my kitchen sink as well as the drawers in the bathroom.  It also holds a little more cleaning out from the shelves in the spare room. That task is still incomplete but I have worked on it today for day 6 so it will be hopefully finished by the time we dig out from the 6 to 8 inches of snow expected tomorrow!  I am amazed at the amount of things we’ve been stacking up.  I have to admit I can see it going out the door but I’m not seeing a big difference in the house.  Thankfully I have 34 more days to go!