‪#‎40bagsin40days‬ = Decrapifying My Life

Woo! it’s been a busy few weeks around here. We’ve had a stomach bug, a few snow storms and lots of days off school.  As a matter of fact today is day 2 this week of for snow days.  So I decided it was a good day to have my son help me clean out his dresser drawers.  They tend to get out of hand fast.  I recently heard of this great new organizing event. #40bagsin40days in which for the next 40 days you clean out one cabinet, one drawer one something and discard or donate one bag of trash or goods you can no longer use.  It can be a garbage bag or a grocery bag but the entire idea is to declutter or as some say decrapify your life.  As our house will be going on the market in a few weeks this is perfect for me right now.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have things I’ve never used and wonder if I ever will.  I look at things and think. Oh yeah, I’ll use that “When we get a bigger house”.  I put it back in the cabinet and find it again the next time I get the organizing bug and continue to trick myself into keeping it once more.

I neglected to do a before picture mostly because I wasn’t thinking of blogging this however after getting started I find this is a great piece to share with everyone.  So here is the “after” box of only 2 drawers from E’s dresser and he’s currently wearing a “oh man I forgot I even had this shirt” shirt!