Man Down! Or Woman in this case!

Oh the FLU! How brutal! It was a rough week last week when I came down with the flu. My brain was still spinning with tons of ideas but my body just wasn’t having any of that. I was shivering and couldn’t get warm but running a fever of a 100+.

I’m “oily”. I love essential oils so as soon as I felt the fever I started to diffuse oils in the house and made myself a great tea to sip on while I waited in line at the minute clinic for my flu test. By that evening my fever had broken and I was relieved. The Doctor had told me the fever would last for a few days but I kept diffusing and drinking my tea and I’m grateful to be back at my desk today.

Thankfully B & E stepped up to help me while I was down. In one day I dropped two cups of coffee and one ice water. That was the day my husband kicked me out of the kitchen and said, “PLEASE go sit down I’m tired of mopping the floor”. Whoops! Sorry, Love! I guess my brain and my body weren’t in sync. My brain said, “Go Go GO!!” but my body said, “no no no!”. Actually I think it said, “Screw you lady! I’m not moving.” but I can’t prove it.

I’d say the days of cleaning up coffee are over but as I type E is cleaning up the cup that he just knocked off my desk. Maybe tomorrow!

Stay tuned for an Etsy Review. Today we are looking at a baseball themed necklace. As a baseball mom I adore the idea but as an Etsy buyer does it pass the test? Follow our blog and find out!

Have a Craftastic Day!