Monogram Mason Jar

This great new Monogram Mason Jar is one of my favorite pieces.  Living in the South monograms and Mason Jars are part of daily life. I love them!  

 monogram mason

We carry four different sizes in all of our products but 18 inch is by far the most popular in all our designs. It’s cut from 1/4 Inch board and painted with a light blue paint across the body.  We add a touch of silver glitter to the letter to make it pop. Who doesn’t love sparkle?


We paint the “lid” silver and also put glitter on it to ensure we have a lovely shine on this great door hanger.

In the photographs are of an 18 inch and it’s perfect for a free-standing pieces or stand alone door hangers. 12 Inch makes a perfect add-on for a wreath. You can find this sweet piece here. Stay Tuned today we are going rustic and bringing out some great products from re-purposed wood.