Monogram Mason Jar

This great new Monogram Mason Jar is one of my favorite pieces.  Living in the South monograms and Mason Jars are part of daily life. I love them!  

 monogram mason

We carry four different sizes in all of our products but 18 inch is by far the most popular in all our designs. It’s cut from 1/4 Inch board and painted with a light blue paint across the body.  We add a touch of silver glitter to the letter to make it pop. Who doesn’t love sparkle?


We paint the “lid” silver and also put glitter on it to ensure we have a lovely shine on this great door hanger.

In the photographs are of an 18 inch and it’s perfect for a free-standing pieces or stand alone door hangers. 12 Inch makes a perfect add-on for a wreath. You can find this sweet piece here. Stay Tuned today we are going rustic and bringing out some great products from re-purposed wood. 




Hello! I am very excited about this blog.  I’ve tried blogging in the past and just couldn’t keep myself motivated to blog about “random” things. What was the point and who besides my own family would find it interesting?  It wasn’t until recently when I thought about starting a blog for my business that I caught the spark! Now I understand that drive to post and create that bloggers talk about! I am looking forward to sharing my love of all things Etsy with you within this blog.  If you are a buyer or a seller I hope you will find lots of valuable information here. In the next few weeks you will see product reviews, interviews with other Etsy Shop owners and a few how to’s from some super talented artisans!

Have a Craftastic Day!


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