DistinctlyIvy – Baseball Necklace Review

Each year I give my husband a list and a handful of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to complete my Christmas shopping. It’s always worked well.  This year after our foster care court date in September and learning that E was going to be our’s forever I created a different list.  I wanted “Mom” jewelry! It may seem a little silly but I never thought I’d get to be the woman with the super cute little birdie necklace with little leaves with her children’s initials on. However, growing up with a family of primarily boys and marrying into a family of all boys I tend to be a little more camouflage then cutesy.

So I went on a search for something that really held a special meaning for both myself and E. He loves baseball! As long as he’s playing a sport he’s a happy boy, but if he had to give them all up but one he’d be on the baseball diamond for sure.

That’s when I found DistinctlyIvy and this super cute necklace.

Photo Credit: DistinctlyIvy

This is a perfect everyday necklace for a proud baseball mom.  The quality is wonderful and it’s got a solid chain that complements it well.  As a SAHM quality is important to me but a good price is vital.  At the price of $15.98 plus $2.50 shipping it hit the mark for exactly what I was looking for.  When I opened this piece up on Christmas morning I was so pleased.  As an Etsy Seller myself something that I find is important is branding and packaging. My necklace came in this sweet little box.


Photo Credit: DistinctlyIvy

This may appear to be no big deal, but what it told me was that this seller was extremely proud of her shop and most importantly her product.  Buying and Selling online you will meet all sorts of people.  Sometimes those people are not all the honest people you may hope.  You receive everything you need with your necklace to contact Ivy if there are any issues and that helps build a level of comfort into your purchase.  And let’s be real… isn’t it lovely? She’s got a great brand, a wonderful product and a fair price.
What also caught my attention about Ivy’s store is her variety.  Any successful online seller will tell you the amount of products and the variety you have is very vital.  DistinctlyIvy has a variety that you don’t always find.  Having a little something for everyone goes a long way.  Check out the Ski’s! I just love them. Let it GO?! I mean what little girl today isn’t singing that!


Looking for a Valentines Day gift? Easter is early this year the first weekend of April and it will be here before you know it. Go check out Ivy and all her really fabulous products!
Have a Craftastic Day!
**No compensation was received for this review. The opinions are solely mine and were not swayed in any way. With permission I did use Distinctly Ivy’s photographs as I would have had to blur out E’s name from my own.**


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