Craftastic Gifts

We’ve got lots of great products coming up. In the “retail” world you often skip from one holiday to the next and miss out on everyday.  It’s a little sad. Christmas Day hadn’t even come before I started shipping spring items out to customers. It was a nice change from months of red and green but I just wasn’t ready for it.  I still needed some snowflakes in my life before I started painting bunnies.

However the first of the year brought spring craft show applications and events to get involved in.  So Christmas day came and within a few days I was painting bunnies and sketching new product ideas for the new year.  This is my first full year without a “real” job. Lord I hate that term! I work more hours and harder now then I ever did at my 8 to 5 desk job.  I’ve worked very rewarding jobs in my life. This however is my very favorite and by far the most rewarding. My reward in this job is the ability to be heavily involved in E’s schooling and life. I can go on field trips. I can volunteer at the book fair.  He loves it and so do I. I knew it was important for us to give him what he hadn’t gotten the first 12 years of his life. That was individualized love and attention! You can read a little more about our boy here.

Last week on the way home from picking E up at school I had a headache. The flu unbeknownst to me!  I thought it was just a headache. E said, “Well this is the first headache you’ve had in a long time”. He was right!  When I worked my last job I had a daily headache. The stress of that job kicked my butt constantly and he felt it. On my final day I left those headaches at the door to my office.

I wasn’t 100% sure how we were going to make it but I knew that we would.  I knew I could make money from my Etsy shop but knew I was entering an entirely new ball game.  I had to rely fully on myself and my ideas.  I typically am a “financial worrier” I worry about money and I knew right away I was making the right decision to leave my job when I realized that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your just not 100% sure your making the right decision wasn’t there.  I knew we were on the best path for our family.  I cherish it everyday and each of you for allowing me to share it with you.

Today I will be adding new products to the shop.  So don’t forget to follow us and see what’s new!


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