The best birthday gift ever….

There are many days in my life that I will never forget.  My wedding, the first date with my husband, the day E moved in to our home and the first time he called me Mom.  One of the best… is the day that was about my husband and E and really didn’t involve me at all.  E was on the baseball field practicing before a game and he was missing a vital piece of his uniform.  His hat! One of his teammates yelled, “E, where is your hat?” and I heard him say, “It’s in my Dad’s truck. He’s bringing it”. My heart swelled. Simple words… Simple Statement but it was a big one for our family.  I was so in love with them both!  I’ve been blessed in my life to fall in love three times. My God, My Husband and My Son!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’ll be… well older 🙂  Today I was given the best birthday present ever. I received a phone call that said, “It’s official. He’s yours!”  I didn’t cry because I was driving and I think really in shock. I expected a few more weeks would pass before we got the official word. However, I am struggling not to cry now as I sit and type this out.  The best birthday gift I’ve ever got?  Was a piece of 2 cent paper that said no one could ever take him away from me!  A 2 cent sheet of paper that gave this 13 yr old boy emotional freedom with the change of his last name. A 2 cent sheet of paper that said they will never be able to hurt him again.  I’ve found a new love for paper today.

Thank you all for being a blessing in our family by following our blog and supporting our business.  It’s through those things I can support this child on so many levels.  He’s sitting in the other room working on his homework and I’m trying to not sniffle or let him hear me cry and distract him from his work, but today I received a gift like none I’ve ever received before. I’m “Officially” his mom.


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