Day 2 thru 5 of #40bagsfor40days

It’s been a busy week. We had yet another snow storm and are looking to another one tomorrow evening that has the potential to just 6 to 8 inches of snow on us.  For North Carolina that’s a show stopper! Businesses will close and things will grind to a halt for sure! It did however make cleaning out at least one area a day an easy task considering my son was home all week last week from school.

Day two of the 40 day challenge I was a little slow. It was the first day off of school and my husband and I took advantage of it and made the short mile trip to his parents to sled for the afternoon with E and our Nephews.  There really is nothing better on a snow day then a little time with the boys and my in laws.  I am such a lucky girl!


I did clean out a small space on day 2 but it was just my craft box. I seem to accumulate a ton of things I use once in a project and no one ever asks for it again. However instead of hauling the stuff off to Good Will or the dumpster I sold them on a craft destashing board.  If you enjoy crafts and trying new things these destashing boards are for you!  It’s great gently used supplies at a great price.  So no bag for day two!


This large leaf bag holds day 3 through 5 and it’s so heavy I had to DRAG it out the door.  I couldn’t lift it and the one time I tried it started to tear out the bottom.  This bag contains the crazy mess I was hiding under my kitchen sink as well as the drawers in the bathroom.  It also holds a little more cleaning out from the shelves in the spare room. That task is still incomplete but I have worked on it today for day 6 so it will be hopefully finished by the time we dig out from the 6 to 8 inches of snow expected tomorrow!  I am amazed at the amount of things we’ve been stacking up.  I have to admit I can see it going out the door but I’m not seeing a big difference in the house.  Thankfully I have 34 more days to go!


‪#‎40bagsin40days‬ = Decrapifying My Life

Woo! it’s been a busy few weeks around here. We’ve had a stomach bug, a few snow storms and lots of days off school.  As a matter of fact today is day 2 this week of for snow days.  So I decided it was a good day to have my son help me clean out his dresser drawers.  They tend to get out of hand fast.  I recently heard of this great new organizing event. #40bagsin40days in which for the next 40 days you clean out one cabinet, one drawer one something and discard or donate one bag of trash or goods you can no longer use.  It can be a garbage bag or a grocery bag but the entire idea is to declutter or as some say decrapify your life.  As our house will be going on the market in a few weeks this is perfect for me right now.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have things I’ve never used and wonder if I ever will.  I look at things and think. Oh yeah, I’ll use that “When we get a bigger house”.  I put it back in the cabinet and find it again the next time I get the organizing bug and continue to trick myself into keeping it once more.

I neglected to do a before picture mostly because I wasn’t thinking of blogging this however after getting started I find this is a great piece to share with everyone.  So here is the “after” box of only 2 drawers from E’s dresser and he’s currently wearing a “oh man I forgot I even had this shirt” shirt!


Monogram Mason Jar

This great new Monogram Mason Jar is one of my favorite pieces.  Living in the South monograms and Mason Jars are part of daily life. I love them!  

 monogram mason

We carry four different sizes in all of our products but 18 inch is by far the most popular in all our designs. It’s cut from 1/4 Inch board and painted with a light blue paint across the body.  We add a touch of silver glitter to the letter to make it pop. Who doesn’t love sparkle?


We paint the “lid” silver and also put glitter on it to ensure we have a lovely shine on this great door hanger.

In the photographs are of an 18 inch and it’s perfect for a free-standing pieces or stand alone door hangers. 12 Inch makes a perfect add-on for a wreath. You can find this sweet piece here. Stay Tuned today we are going rustic and bringing out some great products from re-purposed wood. 


The best birthday gift ever….

There are many days in my life that I will never forget.  My wedding, the first date with my husband, the day E moved in to our home and the first time he called me Mom.  One of the best… is the day that was about my husband and E and really didn’t involve me at all.  E was on the baseball field practicing before a game and he was missing a vital piece of his uniform.  His hat! One of his teammates yelled, “E, where is your hat?” and I heard him say, “It’s in my Dad’s truck. He’s bringing it”. My heart swelled. Simple words… Simple Statement but it was a big one for our family.  I was so in love with them both!  I’ve been blessed in my life to fall in love three times. My God, My Husband and My Son!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’ll be… well older 🙂  Today I was given the best birthday present ever. I received a phone call that said, “It’s official. He’s yours!”  I didn’t cry because I was driving and I think really in shock. I expected a few more weeks would pass before we got the official word. However, I am struggling not to cry now as I sit and type this out.  The best birthday gift I’ve ever got?  Was a piece of 2 cent paper that said no one could ever take him away from me!  A 2 cent sheet of paper that gave this 13 yr old boy emotional freedom with the change of his last name. A 2 cent sheet of paper that said they will never be able to hurt him again.  I’ve found a new love for paper today.

Thank you all for being a blessing in our family by following our blog and supporting our business.  It’s through those things I can support this child on so many levels.  He’s sitting in the other room working on his homework and I’m trying to not sniffle or let him hear me cry and distract him from his work, but today I received a gift like none I’ve ever received before. I’m “Officially” his mom.

Craftastic Gifts

We’ve got lots of great products coming up. In the “retail” world you often skip from one holiday to the next and miss out on everyday.  It’s a little sad. Christmas Day hadn’t even come before I started shipping spring items out to customers. It was a nice change from months of red and green but I just wasn’t ready for it.  I still needed some snowflakes in my life before I started painting bunnies.

However the first of the year brought spring craft show applications and events to get involved in.  So Christmas day came and within a few days I was painting bunnies and sketching new product ideas for the new year.  This is my first full year without a “real” job. Lord I hate that term! I work more hours and harder now then I ever did at my 8 to 5 desk job.  I’ve worked very rewarding jobs in my life. This however is my very favorite and by far the most rewarding. My reward in this job is the ability to be heavily involved in E’s schooling and life. I can go on field trips. I can volunteer at the book fair.  He loves it and so do I.  I knew it was important for us to give him what he hadn’t gotten the first 12 years of his life. That was individualized love and attention! You can read a little more about our boy here.

Last week on the way home from picking E up at school I had a headache. The flu unbeknownst to me!  I thought it was just a headache. E said, “Well this is the first headache you’ve had in a long time”. He was right!  When I worked my last job I had a daily headache. The stress of that job kicked my butt constantly and he felt it. On my final day I left those headaches at the door to my office.

I wasn’t 100% sure how we were going to make it but I knew that we would.  I knew I could make money from my Etsy shop but new I was entering a entirely new ball game.  I had to rely fully on myself and my ideas.  I typically am a “financial worrier” I worry about money and I knew right away I was making the right decision to leave my job when I realized that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your just not 100% sure your making the right decision wasn’t there.  I knew we were on the best path for our family.  I cherish it everyday and each of you for allowing me to share it with you.

Today I will be adding new products to the shop.  So don’t forget to follow us and see what’s new!

Man Down! Or Woman in this case!

Oh the FLU! How brutal! It was a rough week last week when I came down with the flu. My brain was still spinning with tons of ideas but my body just wasn’t having any of that. I was shivering and couldn’t get warm but running a fever of a 100+.

I’m “oily”. I love essential oils so as soon as I felt the fever I started to diffuse oils in the house and made myself a great tea to sip on while I waited in line at the minute clinic for my flu test. By that evening my fever had broken and I was relieved. The Doctor had told me the fever would last for a few days but I kept diffusing and drinking my tea and I’m grateful to be back at my desk today.

Thankfully B & E stepped up to help me while I was down. In one day I dropped two cups of coffee and one ice water. That was the day my husband kicked me out of the kitchen and said, “PLEASE go sit down I’m tired of mopping the floor”. Whoops! Sorry, Love! I guess my brain and my body weren’t in sync. My brain said, “Go Go GO!!” but my body said, “no no no!”. Actually I think it said, “Screw you lady! I’m not moving.” but I can’t prove it.

I’d say the days of cleaning up coffee are over but as I type E is cleaning up the cup that he just knocked off my desk. Maybe tomorrow!

Stay tuned for an Etsy Review. Today we are looking at a baseball themed necklace. As a baseball mom I adore the idea but as an Etsy buyer does it pass the test? Follow our blog and find out!

Have a Craftastic Day!


Hello! I am very excited about this blog.  I’ve tried blogging in the past and just couldn’t keep myself motivated to blog about “random” things. What was the point and who besides my own family would find it interesting?  It wasn’t until recently when I thought about starting a blog for my business that I caught the spark! Now I understand that drive to post and create that bloggers talk about! I am looking forward to sharing my love of all things Etsy with you within this blog.  If you are a buyer or a seller I hope you will find lots of valuable information here. In the next few weeks you will see product reviews, interviews with other Etsy Shop owners and a few how to’s from some super talented artisans!

Have a Craftastic Day!


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